Grey Scale


Hello people! Im sorry ive been gone but there are just some things i had to settle off te computer and hopefully they are done now. so whatsssss upppppppp?? As you all know i love to co-ordinate my outfits cuz they just look so cute. Today im doing an all grey number. Some people might not like to wear skirts in the winter but i absolutely love it. More pictures below

The skirt immediately caught my eye and i absolutely love the fact that it has tie-able arm places in the front. I paired the fit with one of my favourite shoes my herrauches and some white girly socks. I added the leather jacket to give the outfit a little edge xxxxxxxx

        Top- HnM
       Skirt - Missguided 
       Socks- River Island 
    Shoes - Offspring 
        Leather Jacket - HnM

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